Grand Openings Via Videos

Opening day is a very special event. It is when many people first come to a new place and everyone takes their shoes off to make their way around. It is also when a company officially becomes open for business and can finally begin to do what they have been working on for months or years in the shadows of countless corporate giants. Opening day is one of the days that most people look forward to celebrate. While most venues host grand openings, it is also important for businesses to understand that they need to do things differently from other venues. Advice is out there for unique grand opening ideas, but for warm welcome to the world of international media, this year we produced an incredible mini-video compilation of grand opening hints that any company, whether retail, restaurant or service oriented, could implement for a memorable grand opening.


It is not unheard of for a brand to bring in a new business representative to greet customers and sign people up at the door. This is always a great way to make a positive impact and to spread the word about the exciting new business you have launched. However, in order to leave a lasting impression with guests and potential clients, it is also important that the representative does something a little different than signing them up, introducing themselves and handing out brochures and business cards.


One way that a medical office can make a lasting impression upon a local business grand opening is by sending representatives to welcome guests during the grand opening festivities. A medical office wants to be different than every other medical office out there, so sending representatives to welcome visitors to the medical office is a great way to get started. If possible, send a single representative to the event, but if that is not possible, ask guests to contact your receptionist or your office staff. Invitations to a local community health fair or local business opening are a great way to get your name out there. Again, thank guests for their time during their visit, and invite them to come back again!


You may also want to consider sending out an announcement after the grand opening. Your existing medical office staff can help you create this announcement. In fact, they could be the source of the announcement, and they could pass it along to other community organizations or the media. Your new location is going to make an announcement important if you do not already have an established media presence in the area.


These grand openings are a great way to introduce your medical office to a new community. Often, the event will generate new business for the entire office staff and for you. Make sure that you have your staff trained on how to conduct yourself during these grand openings. They are often much more enjoyable for everyone if things run smoothly!


Grand openings are a great way to introduce your medical office to a new neighborhood, and they can be a great way to draw new patients as well. Consider inviting local vendors to come and show their wares at your new store opening. Word of mouth can be the best advertising! After all, it started with you and everyone can tell the story!

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