2012 Shortlist


Peace Through Media Award

The Peace Through Media Awards are given to journalists or broadcasters of outstanding calibre. They are selected because their work is of such quality that it has helped to foster a climate of peace and understanding. Past winners include Mr Jihad al Khazen of Al Hayat, Mr Danny Levi Rubinstein of Haaretz and Mr Michael Binyon of The Times. Normally three awards are made in this category. We would be grateful if panellists could therefore cast three votes. Nominations are:

DAVID LANDAU is theIsraelcorrespondent for The Economist. He was formerly the editor of Haaretznewspaper and diplomatic correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. English-born, he only started working in the Hebrew language late in his career and as a strictly Orthodox Jew, has always been a unique figure amidst the generally secular left-wing peace camp inIsrael.

DONALD MACINTYRE has been The Independent’s Jerusalemcorrespondent since 2004. Before moving toJerusalem, he was the paper’s Political Editor and then Chief Political Commentator for eight years. He has also written for the Daily Express, Sunday Times, The Times and The Sunday Telegraph.

GIDEON LEVY is a journalist and editor for Haaretz newspaper, and is a vociferous critic ofIsrael’s occupation of the Palestinian territories through his weekly column ‘The Twilight Zone’.  In addition to his work at Haaretz, Levy has published a compliation of his articles and edited or written documentaries and other programs.  He also hosted ‘A Personal meeting with Gideon Levy’, a weekly talk show that was broadcast on Israeli cable TV, and has appeared periodically on other television talk shows.

JEREMY BOWEN is the Middle East Editor of the BBC and has been a special correspondent for BBC Television News since March 2003. He previously co-presented BBC One’s ‘Breakfast’ for two years after its launch in October 2000. As a seasoned war correspondent, he has reported from more than 70 countries, covering conflicts in the Gulf,El Salvador,Lebanon, the West Bank,Afghanistan,Croatia,Bosnia,Chechnya,SomaliaandRwanda.

LYSE DOUCET is a BBC News special correspondent and is presenter and correspondent for both BBC World Service radio and BBC World News television. She has interviewed many of the most influential figures in theMiddle East, including Bashar al Assad, Kofi Annan, King Abdullah of Jordan, the Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi. She played a key role in BBC coverage of the “Arab spring”, reporting fromTunisia,EgyptandLibya.

MANSOOR AL JAMRI is the Editor of Al Wasat newspaper,Bahrain. After being forced to resign by the government in April 2011, he was restored to his previous position by the Board of Directors.  Al Wasat is widely credited with being the first Bahraini newspaper to voice opposition views.

MARWAN BISHARA is Al Jazeera English’s senior political analyst and the editor and host of the program ‘Empire’, which examines global powers and their agendas. He was previously a professor of International Relations at theAmericanUniversityofParisand a fellow at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes et Sciences Sociales. Bishara’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, The Guardian, Le Mondeand The Nation, among other outlets. He has also just published his second book, ‘The Invisible Arab’, about the recent uprisings around the Arab world.

MOHAMMED AL-SHAFEY is a distinguished Egyptian journalist who has written for Sharq al-Awsat over the past several years. He was one of the first Arab journalists to enter Kurdish Iraq and report from there. He has also travelled toAfghanistanandBaghdadto report on stories on a first hand basis. He covers issues from political intrigue to affairs of great social and political import.

NADIM LADKI has been the Editor in Chief of the Beirut Daily Star since November 2010. Nadim, who was previously the Reuters bureau chief of news and television in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, has 24 years behind him in senior positions in the media with extensive experience in the affairs of the region, covering political, economic, social and other topics.

SMADAR PERRY is the Middle East editor at Yediot Aharonot, Israel’s largest daily newspaper. Smadar has been reporting on the peace process since the historic visit of the late President Anwar Sadat ofEgypttoJerusalemin November 1977. She has conducted numerous exclusive interviews with major players, including Hosni Mubarak, King Hussein and King Abdullah II of Jordan, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas.

The Cutting Edge Awards

The Cutting Edge Awards are an acknowledgement of the work of media professionals who have risen to prominence through the outstanding quality of their work and their balanced and considered coverage. Past recipients include Mr Jacki Hugi of Maariv, Mr. Robert Tait of The Observer and Ms. Mina al Oraibi of Sharq al Awsat. As with the Peace Through Media Award, there will almost certainly be three final winners, so please cast three votes if possible. Nominations are:

EMMA HURD has been with Sky since 1996, and is currently the Middle East correspondent based inJerusalem.  During her posting in the Middle East, Emma has reported on a period of dramatic change in the region, including the death of the Palestinian leaderYasser Arafat,Israel’s historic withdrawal fromGaza, the election of Hamas, and the 2006 Israel/Lebanon war.  More recently, she played a leading role in reporting the anti-Gaddafi uprising inLibya, covering the conflict fromBenghaziandTripoli.

HARRIET SHERWOOD is The Guardian’sJerusalemcorrespondent.  She was previously foreign editor and home editor. Along with covering stories on developments inIsraeland in the region, she runs a blog called “Views fromJerusalem” on everyday life in the Israeli capital city.

MAZIN LATIF is an Iraqi journalist and author with many published articles and op-eds in Iraqi magazines and newspapers under his belt, often focusing on Iraqi –Jewish affairs. Mazin has also written and published a number of books.

MSHARI AL ZAYDI is a Saudi journalist and expert on Islamic movements and fundamentalism as well as Saudi affairs. Mshari is Asharq Al-Awsat’s opinion page Editor, where he also contributes a weekly column. He has also worked for the local Saudi press, occupying several posts at Al -Madina newspaper amongst others. He has been a guest on numerous news and current affairs programs as an expert on Islamic extremism.

PAUL WOOD is aMiddle Eastcorrespondent for the BBC. Recently, he covered the developments inSyria, with inside reporting from the city ofHoms, and in August 2011, he was inLibyacovering the advance of the protestors’ troops against Gaddafi. Paul has been a key reporter for the BBC for over a decade, covering conflicts all over the world includingAfghanistan,Iraq,Croatia,Bosnia,Chechnya,Sudan, andDarfur.

RINA MAZLIACH is a political correspondent for the Israeli broadcaster Channel 2. Along with work as TV and radio commentator, Rina takes part in several events aimed at promoting peace and dialogue in the Arab-Israeli struggle.

STUART RAMSAY is Sky News Chief Correspondent and reports on all the major domestic and foreign stories. He has been praised for his coverage of the Pakistan Earthquake, theSudancrisis and the war inLiberia. Stuart has covered nine wars fromChechnyato Africa and theMiddle East.  Since 2003, Stuart has reported fromIranandAfghanistan, both as an embedded and an independent reporter. Recently, he has been covering the conflict inSyria, spending time within some of the most dangerous conflict zones.

SUE LLOYD ROBERTS is Foreign Correspondent for BBC World Affairs. She has also worked with ITN,Channel 4 News and Channel 4 documentaries before moving to the BBC. Reporting for ‘Newsnight’, Sue was one of the first journalists intoHoms.

YOAV LEMMER is a photographer for Agence France Presse (AFP). In 1991, he started working for AFP, covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, before moving toSouth Africain 1999 to work as an AFP staff shooter.  In 2003, Yoav returned toIsrael, and was based by AFP in Tel Aviv. In 2004, he was promoted to Journalist Reporter Des Image, and continues to work in theWest Bank, producing feature stories and news coverage.

YOSRI FOUDA is a talk show host for a popular show on the independent Cairo-based ON TV.  Yosri initially worked for the BBC’s short-lived Arabic-subsidiary covering the ongoing struggle inBosnia.  He then helped set up theLondonoffice of Al Jazeera, where he was the chief of theLondonbureau until 2009.

ZVI YEHEZKELI is head of the Arab desk at Israeli News 10. After completing his military service, he joinedIsrael’s Army Radio as theGazaandWest Bankreporter and occasionally contributed to Channel 1’s ‘Yoman’. In 2002, he left the Israel Defense Forces Radio to join News 10. Today, he plays an active and integral part in News 10’s current affairs news show, ‘London & Kirschenbaum’, with reports about Arabia and theMiddle East. He has received high praise for his courage in covering the Second Lebanon War, and his efforts at finding common ground between Israel and the Arab world.

The Breakaway Award

The Breakaway Award encourages new talent, in mainstream journalism as well as in the fields of internet news and citizen journalism. There is only one winner in this category. Nominations are:

ABIGAIL FIELDING-SMITH is Beirut Correspondent for the Financial Times, for whom she has been covering the uprisings inSyriaandYemen.  She has written longer pieces onYemenand the Arab spring for the FTWeekend magazine and the London Review of Books blog.   Before joining the Financial Times in 2009, she worked as a freelance journalist coveringLebanon,IranandIraqas well asYemen.

AZZA TURKI is a political journalist for the weekly francophone Realites newspaper, focusing her efforts in covering and investigating the new reality ofTunisiaafter Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

RANA JAWAD is the BBC Libya correspondent, and has been praised for her fearless journalism during the 2011 uprising. She has been a foreign correspondent since 2004, and is based primarily inLibyabut is also responsible for the BBC’s coverage ofAlgeriaandTunisia.

SARAH BIRKE is a freelance writer. After two years working at The Times inLondon, she moved toDamascusin 2008.   She has reported from there ever since, with a focus on the then little-coveredSyria. When the uprising broke out in March, she worked undercover for The Economist.  She has also reported fromLibya,EgyptandLiberia. Her work has been published in The Economist, Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, le Monde Diplomatique, Foreign Policy, New Statesman and the London Review of Books blog.

SHEERA FRENKEL is a correspondent for The Times inJerusalem, special correspondent inJerusalemforMcClatchy Newspapers, and also works freelance for National Public Radio. Sheera has extensively covered the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and has spent the beginning of last year writing a series from ten countries affected by the spirit of the Arab Spring.

SHERINE TADROS is an Al Jazeera English presenter, who reported fromEgypt,LibyaandYemenlast year. Sherine started her journalism career as Al Arabiya’s senior producer inLondon, working acrossEuropefor the Dubai-based network. In 2005, Sherine joined Al Jazeera inLondonand a year later moved toDohaas a reporter/producer, reporting from across the world. Highlights include covering the Hamas takeover ofGaza, theUSpresidential race and the takeover ofWest Beirutby Hezbollah in May 2008.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a figure who has had a long and distinguished career in the media, and who has during this time worked tirelessly for the promotion of better understanding. There is usually only one winner in this category. Nominations are:

ANN LESLIE writes for The Daily Mail newspaper.  Her career in journalism began at theManchesternews desk of the Daily Express in 1962. Ann moved to The Daily Mail in 1967 where she now works as their foreign correspondent. Her political reports have covered significant events around the world, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the failed coup against Mikhail Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela’s final walk to freedom. Ann’s opinion is frequently sought on news discussion programmes such as ‘Head to Head’, ‘Stop the Week’, ‘Newsnight Review’ and ‘Dateline London’.

PAT LANCASTER is the editor of Middle East Magazine. Pat joined a Fleet Street news agency specialising in theMiddle Eastin the late 1970s. She has also worked for a Gulf government news agency, travelled extensively in the region conducting interviews for a selection of British and Arab daily newspapers and magazines, and is the author of three books. She was the deputy editor of Gulf States Newsletter before joining The Middle East Magazine in the late 1980s, becoming editor in 1995.  Pat purchased the magazine in 2011 to save it from closing down, and is now the magazine’s editor-proprietor.

ROGER COHEN is a columnist for the International Herald Tribune and The New York Times and has worked as a foreign correspondent in fifteen different countries. Roger joined The New York Times in 1990 as a foreign correspondent, and after more than a decade was promoted to foreign editor in 2002. Since 2004, he has written a column, ‘The Globalist’, for the International Herald Tribune.  Roger has also written two books on his experiences of covering the Balkans during the wars of the early 1990s and American POWs during WWII, and co-written a biography of General Norman Schwarzkopf.

The Special Award for an Outstanding Contribution to New Media

The prize is awarded to individuals that contribute to different forms of new media, in particular internet news, blogging and citizen journalism. Past winners have included, Potkin Azarmehr and Benny Ziffer. The nominees are:

HIWA OSMAN is commended for his “Thoughts From Iraq” blog. He is also a respected columnist on the English language Kurdish paper, Rudaw, which was founded in 2008 by a group of journalists concerned with the lack of a media outlet which would focus on balanced investigative reporting that would hold the authorities to account. Hiwa is also currently the Senior Media Advisor inIraqfor the Institute of War & Peace Reporting.

LISA GOLDMAN co-foundedIsrael’s first progressive blog-based digital magazine in English, +972 Magazine, and migrated her personal blog to that platform. She has a deep commitment to accurate reporting. This past March she travelled toEgyptand stayed for two months to report on the revolution.  Her articles for the mainstream press have been published in The Guardian, New York Times, Jewish Daily Forward, Time Out Tel Aviv, and the Columbia Journalism Review.

PHILIP WEISS is an American blogger who co-edits ‘Mondoweiss’. The blog, which has been running since 2006, aims to publish important developments in the Israel-Palestine conflict, to publish a diverse range of voices, and to foster the movement for greater fairness and justice for Palestinians in American foreign policy.

RAZAN GHAZZAWI is a US-born Syrian blogger who is nominated for her blog ‘Razaniyyat’.  Razan, an English literature graduate fromDamascusUniversity, has been arrested (and freed) twice, becoming a symbol of the grassroots opposition to the Syrian regime because the U.S.-born Syrian blogger is known for her fierce criticism of the Syrian government.

The Special Achievement Awards

These prizes are awarded to those who have made a special contribution in their field, whether it be to broadcasting, peace, or understanding. Previous winners have included All For Peace Radio and Jacky Rowland. The nominees are

AL AKHBAR was founded in 2006 and aims to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity while remaining true to the principles of anti-imperialist struggle, progressive politics, and freedom of expression.

AL MASRY AL YOUM is an Egyptian daily newspaper.  Established in 2004, and it is now the most read independent daily publication inEgypt. It is published in Arabic and has a website in both Arabic and English. The paper received high praise for its reliability during the Revolution: the paper’s editorial board was one of the few who took the decision very early on to try and be as accurate and unbiased as possible about the movement.

HILLEL SCHENKER and ZIAD ABU ZAYYAD have been nominated for a joint special prize for their contribution to peace through their work at the Palestine-Israel Journal. The Journal is an independent, non-profit, Jerusalem-based quarterly that aims to shed light on and analyze freely and critically, the complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians.

MA’AN NEWS AGENCY is the most browsed website in Palestinian territories.  It publishes in both English and Arabic, and has a growing international as well as Palestinian readership. The outlet focuses on Palestinian political, economic, cultural and sports news from across the West Bank and Gaza Strip and aims ‘to convey a multi-dimensional picture of life inPalestineto a global audience’.

SKY NEWS is nominated for a special award for its reliable broadcasting. The 24-hour British and international satellite television news broadcaster is one of the leaders in breaking the latest stories.  Dame Ann Leslie writes: ‘At times of crisis in theMiddle East(and there’s sure been a lot of them!) I always turn to Sky.’

Awards carried over

These are previous award winners who through exceptional circumstances were not able to attend their award ceremonies.

EMAN MOHAMMED – Gaza Freelance, Eman Mohammed is a Jordanian/Palestinian photojournalist and reporter based in theGazastrip. She has been covering events in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian-Israel conflict since 2006 by documenting the destruction, hardship and innovation in the Gaza Palestinian community, and the launching of rockets out ofGazaandIsrael’s retaliation through photographs. Her work has been published in the Guardian, Washington Post, Mother Jones, Haaretz newspaper, Sewar magazine, Aftonbladet, Frames of reality, Curso Abril amoung others.

SEIF AL KHAYAT,Iraq, A journalist who works for the state-owned television network who wrote a book about the former Governing Council. Was run over by a police car inBaghdadon what has been described as a ‘Black day for freedom’ inIraq, during a government crackdown on journalists in March 2011.

HANIF HANGAM – Hanif Hangam is from Toland TV about which Fowzia Kuffi states “Politicians ignore the programme but they should pay attention”. Hanif stars in an Afghan TV show called Alarm Bell a popular weekly satirical TV show which pokes fun at and lampoons Taliban rebels, warlords, UN diplomats and pilgrims toMecca. AlarmBellis the most popular satirical politics show inAfghanistanwith a prime time slot every week. A couple of years ago he had to flee Afghanistan after Kabul Express, a film he starred in at the time, caused offence to many within Afghanistan – particularly the Hazara community.


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