2011 Awards

The International Media Awards ceremony was held at a gala night in central London on Saturday 9th of April. Western, Israeli, Arab and Asian journalists from across the Middle East gathered for the seventh International Media Awards.

The Peace through Media Award

  • DAOUD QUTTAB is founder/general director of AmmanNet and director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University 
  • DOV ALFON is Editor in Chief at Ha’aretz.

The Cutting Edge Award

  • FALAH AL THAHABI is an Iraqi journalist and the current managing director at Alhurra TV.
  • DILAWAR KHAN WAZIR is the BBC Urdu Service Correspondent for the tribal areas and Waziristan.
  • NADA ABDEL SAMED is a Beirut based broadcaster for BBC Arabic.
  • AYMAN MOHYELDIN is a correspondent for Al Jazeera.
  • ADEL ZANOON works for AFP & ANN, Gaza.

Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting

  • JACKIE ROWLAND is a field correspondent for Al Jazeera English

The Breakaway Award

  • ALICE FORDHAM is a Baghdad based freelance journalist working for The Times, Christian Science Monitor and as a correspondent for The Economist.

Outstanding Contribution to Peace Award

  •  LINDA MENHUIN is a founding member of the Society for Peace with Syria and an advisory board member of the Smart Middle East Forum.

Press Freedom Award

  • FERAS KILANI is a journalist for BBC Arabic
  • GOKTAY KORALTAN is a cameraman for BBC Arabic
  • CHRIS COBB SMITH is a production co-ordinator for BBC Arabic

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