2010 Awards

The 6th International Media Awards ceremony was held at a gala night in central London on Saturday 8th of May. Western, Israeli and Arab journalists from across the Middle East gathered for the sixth International Media Awards.


The Outstanding Contribution to Peace Award

·         MOSSI RAZ & MAYSA SINIORA joint Israeli and Palestinian winners for All For Peace Radio, a joint Israeli-Arab radio station

 Mossi and Maysa


The Peace through Media Award

·         IAN BLACK Middle East Editor of the Guardian


                                                Ian Black


·         SAMIA NAKHOUL is the Reuters Middle East Editor


 Samia Nakhoul  

·         AKIVA ELDAR is the Chief Political Columnist for Haaretz

                     Akiva Eldar


·        PATRICK COCKBURN, Foreign Correspondent Independent and contributor to London Review of Books

Patrick Cockburn

Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting Award

·         BEN WEDEMAN is CNN’s Senior International Correspondent based in Cairo

Ben Wedeman


The Cutting Edge Award:

·         ITAI ANGHEL is a senior correspondent for the weekly current affairs program “UVDA” on Israel’s Channel 2 television

Itai Anghel


·         MOEEN AL HILOU is currently Gaza Producer for Israel’s Channel 10 TV, as well as being a director for the Hebrew News Department at Palestine TV

Moeen al Hilou


The Breakaway Award:

·         RANJ ALAALDIN is a Middle East political and security risk analyst based at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He writes for the Guardian columnist and numerous other print and online publications.

Ranj Alaaldin

 Outstanding Contribution to New Media (The Bloggers’ Award)

·         BENNY ZIFFER has been the literary editor of Haaretz since 1987. More recently his blogs “Lo BeBeit Sifrenu” and “Dressed to Provoke” have risen to prominence in the Hebrew blogosphere.

Benny Ziffer

 MBI Lifetime Achievement Award

·         JIM MUIR is BBC Middle East Correspondent. Having begun his involvement with the region in Beirut in 1975, he is now based there again, focusing on issues both within Lebanon (particularly Hezbollah) and in the wider Middle East, traveling regularly to cover Iraq.

              Jim Muir


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