2007 Awards

The third International Media Awards were presented at a ceremony in March 2007. The Main Prize was awarded to figures who have made a lasting contribution to better understanding both in and towards the Middle East. The Cutting Edge Prize is awarded to upcoming journalists for outstanding work in the same field. This year the Awards were presented as follows.

The International Media Council Prize:

·        Mr David Gardner – The Financial Times

·        Mr Rafik Halabi – Channel 2 Television, Israel.

·        Mr Michael Binyon – The Times

The Cutting Edge Prize  for an outstanding contribution to Journalism:

·        Mr Sami Abdul Shafi – Gaza Correspondent, The Independent

·        Mr Jack Hugi – Maariv, Israel

·        Western Journalist – Ms Louisa Brooke, The BBC

The Patrons Award – a special honorary award for lifetime achievement nominated and chosen by the Patrons and awarded this time to:

·        Mr Hassan Soussi, Arab News Network Satellite TV The awards were hosted by Lord Stone of Blackheath and presented in the House of Lords.

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