2006 Awards

The Next Century Foundation’s International Media Awards for 2006 were presented at a ceremony at the House of Lords on Thursday the 9th of March.

This year there were two prizes. The main International Media Council Prize was awarded for an outstanding contribution to better understanding both in and towards the Middle East. The Cutting Edge Prize was awarded to an up and coming journalist, as an investment in the future of quality reporting in the Middle East. The following were the winners in each of the categories:

The International Media Council Prize:

·         Mr Jihad al Khazen, Editor at Large of Al Hayat newspaper, for his significant contributions to informed and enlightened debate in the Arab media throughout a long and distinguished career.

·         Mr Danny Levi Rubinstein of Haaretz newspaper, in recognition of his passionate engagement with Arab issues, and uncompromising editorial contributions.

·         Mr Peter David, Foreign Editor, The Economist, in recognition of the magazine’s consistently original, well-sourced, informative Middle East coverage.

·         Ms Caroline Hawley, BBC Television, in recognition of her sober, balanced and informative reporting from Iraq, and her sensitivity to local culture and concerns.

·         Mr Salah Ali Sindi, Editor In Chief, Istithmar Al Arabia magazine, in recognition of the consistently progressive and enlightened editorial policy of his increasingly influential publication.

The Cutting Edge Prize for an outstanding Journalist:

·         Mr Mohamed Chebarro, Al Arabiya.

·         Mr Yoav Stern, Columnist on Palestinian Affairs, Haaretz.

·         Mr Martin Asser, BBC News Website Correspondent

·         Ms Mona Eltahawy, freelance journalist and Sharq al Awsat columnist

·         Ms Jane Kinninmont, Middle East Editor, Business Monitor International

The Chairman of the International Media Council is William Morris, Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation. The patrons of the 2006 awards were Mrs Dalia Salaam Rishani of Hood Hood Books, Lord Stone of Blackheath, Mr Felix Posen of The Posen Foundation, Mr Ribal Al Assad of ANN Satellite TV and Mr John Porter of the Porter Foundation.

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